In this series we revisit our popular Sermon series Games we play, this time instead of board games we are looking at games we played in childhood. Did you know we can learn biblical truths from Telephone, Hide and Seek, and Simon Says? Join us for this three week series and we discover these truths together.
In Week one we look at the game telephone and the importance hearing the message that God has for us. We examine the importance of bible reading and prayer.
Week two our game is Hide and Seek. we examine what it means to Hide the word of god in our Heart, and how to seek after God. We will examine bible study and learn some tips and tricks to help us understand the Bible.
Our final week we look at the game Simon says. We examine obeying God. How could Paul say all things are lawful, but also say not to sin? How do we know what to do when a situation arises that the Bible doesn’t discuss?