Worship at river of Hope is lead by Alexa Rinehart. Alexa is native of Pennsylvania after earning a bachelors degree from Visible Music College Alexa heard God call her to move to Wisconsin. In her own words Alexa said that when she first entered River of Hope “I felt like I was home, this was where I was supposed to be”. This was not the call on her Alexa was expecting and she even fought the call. ” I went back home to PA trying to run from God, “God wouldn’t let me get away He kept reminding me that Wisconsin was where I was supposed, the whole way back to WI I cried, but I knew I had to follow his call.”

Alexa came back and her talent and passion for music, and worship were apparent. Alexa went quickly from playing in worship to leading worship. Alexa brings a passion to worship because she knows it is through music, and worship that we can access God in great ways.

In 2017 Alexa and Danny were united in marriage. Danny promptly joined River of Hope, and joined our worship team where he brings his talent of playing guitar to each worship experience. Danny also has a bachelors degree from Visible Music College. Just like Alexa, Danny has a great passion for music.

Danny and Alexa also have their own band “Awaken the Desolate”. Their music reaches out to young people who are lost in despair, and depression. The lyrics of their music taken from personal experiences relate to these issues, and they then point the way to hope for all is Jesus Christ.