River of Hope Children’s Ministries known as Kids of Hope are led by Andrea and Benjamin Graff.  The best way to describe these two is kids in grown up body’s.

Andrea has a deep passion for teaching Children about God.  She loves watching kids grow, and become stronger in their faith.  Andrea loves teaching, and leading kids in worship, Andrea is currently pursuing credentialing with Assemblies of God.

Like peanut butter and jelly, franks and beans, or Batman and Robin some things just go together to make a unit whole, the other half of the children’s team is Ben Graff.  Ben runs the technical side of things for Kid’s Church, getting the videos ready each and every week.

Andrea and Ben began their journey into ministry by helping at Assembly Park Camp, From there they joined the children’s ministry team at North Ridge in Abbotsford.  They were comfortable at Abby NRC, but as God often does He decided to make them uncomfortable.  It was big change for Andrea and Ben to answer the call to come to River of Hope, but one they are glad everyday they made.