In 2009 a vision was placed upon the hearts of the people of North Ridge Church Abbotsford. A vision to restart an Assemblies of God Church in Medford. A small group got together and started seeking God in prayer. They would meet once a week in the sanctuary and ask God to direct their paths.

God answered and soon they were having Friday services in the local coffee house. God started to move, and the church began to grow. Outgrowing the coffee house the church moved to the bank, and started meeting on Sunday mornings.

The church was starting to come together with a worship team, and a Pastor. The church was mainly younger families, and a lot of kids. It soon became clear a children’s Pastor was needed. God once again provided. Soon after the new children’s pastor was in place. The church moved into the building on Broadway.

River of Hope has continued to grow, and experience God’s blessings. One of the dreams we had was a coffee bar that would support missions, once again God provided the materials we needed to see this dream come to reality.

River of Hope Continues to dream, and chase after God. We look forward to continuing to serve Him, and the city of Medford.